Please see the table below to download various policies and statements.
If there are any questions, please see the Contact-General Inquires link above.

Alta Qualifies as a Small Business

Cage Code: 4RK27 — NAICS: 334210 — UEID: LNNKMC7W4VM5

Alta Export Information

Alta Products are Commerce Department Controlled, Self Classified – No License Required. Please use the Contact-General Inquires link above for detailed export questions (ECCN and Harmonized Numbers, etc.).

Alta Exports Must Clear US “Do Not Sell List – Denied Persons” 

(As with any electronics above $2500):

Alta Requires all Foreign Sales or End-Use Shipments to Include:

End-User Name, Contact Information with Phone and City, and End-Use Application. This information is required prior to acceptance of any PO for export or foreign end-use. Alta shall void the product warranty if the product is used in violation of this policy or US Export Regulations. The customer is responsible for ALL US filings and rules of exports.

Key Export Numbers – Alta’s Products are COTS (EAR99), and in general, Do Not Require an Export License:
ECCN for Interface Cards/Boards: 4A994
ECCN for All Software:  4D994
Harmonized Number for All Products:  8517.18.0000

An Order is Not Final Until Alta Accepts the Order. Alta’s Terms and Conditions of Sale Apply.

Do NOT send Alta CUI or ITAR information without prior approval from Alta’s CEO. Alta has only US Citizen employees.

Business Policies, Certificates and Statements

Title Date Size Type
Alta ANSI ESD Cert 02/11/2022 487 KB Alta ANSI ESD Cert
Alta CMMC-NIST Declarations 11/30/2022 190 KB Alta CMMC-NIST Declarations
Alta Conflict Minerals Statement 03/22/2020 95 KB Alta Conflict Minerals Statement
Alta ISO 9001:2015 Cert 06/11/2020 189 KB Alta ISO 9001:2015 Cert
Alta Limited Warranty 11/10/2021 96 KB Alta Limited Warranty
Alta REACH Compliance 01/17/2023 122 KB Alta REACH Compliance
Alta Software License & Warranty 01/03/2011 21 KB Alta Software License & Warranty
Alta Terms and Conditions of Sale 03/16/2022 105 KB Alta Terms and Conditions of Sale
Letter of Volatility (LOV) for Alta Interface Devices 06/11/2021 157 KB Letter of Volatility (LOV) for Alta Interface Devices