Alta Software - Analyzer, SDK, LabVIEW and RTVal Overview

A Review of the Industry's Most Advanced, Modular Software for 1553 & ARINC Test and Control

Alta may have the most advanced COTS MIL-STD-1553 and ARINC hardware devices, and our test and development software is 2nd to none. Alta's software is modular, portable, and made for real-time controls & test -- and designed for rapid integration success. This page provides a brief overview of each product and links to main landings pages.
Last updated March 8, 2021

Links to Landing Pages:

AltaView – 1553 (+WMUX & EBR) and ARINC Windows Analyzer
AltaAPI – Modular, OSI Modeled SDK for Alta Products
AltaAPI-LV – AltaAPI LabVIEW Integration Tool
AltaRTVal – 1553 Protocol RT Validation Tool for Design Verification

Quick Reviews Below
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AltaView – The Industry’s Most Advanced Windows Analyzer Software for 1553 and ARINC

  • Auto Frequency, Loading, Activity Analysis and Data Displays
    • Modern C#, XML Interface
  • Archiving and Playback
  • Signal Capture/Test
  • ASCII & CSV Conversion and EU Processing!
  • No Seat/Node License
  • Ideal for Cyber Testing
  • No Annual License Fees Free Updates
  • Server 8/12, 7/8/10
    • Vmware with ENETs/NLINE-E1553.
  • Runs on Any Enabled Alta Product
    • Many Free Features for All Users

Example of Advanced 1553 and ARINC Analyzer - AltaView

1553, 1553b & ARINC Advanced Analyzer Tool for Windows

AltaAPI – Software Development Kit (no cost)
What Makes AltaAPI Different Than All Other 1553 and ARINC SDKs?

  • The OSI Layered Model Provides Maximum Portability
  • The same executable program can run on any alike Alta channel or device
  • The Layer 0 and Layer 1 Simplify and Protect Memory Objects
    • AltaAPI abstracts low-level hardware pointers and registers for safer code
    • AltaAPI provides memory management and object boundary protection
  • Excellent Documentation and Example Program Templates
    • Significant Reduction in Development Time and Future Maintenance
    • 100s of Example Programs for Almost Any Application

1553, 1553b, WMUX, EBR and ARINC SDK – AltaAPI. Modular, Portable for Windows, Linux, VxWorks, Ethernet Sockets (DO-178 with ENETs/NLINE).

AltaAPI-LV Software (no-cost) Allows Integration of Alta Devices with National Instruments LabVIEW,  LabVIEW Real-Time and Veristand systems.

  • AltaAPI-LV provides a set of controls and sub-VI files corresponding to the standard AltaAPI (Layer 1) functions.
  • AltaAPI-LV also provides DLL files (for AltaAPI Layer 1 and for AltaAPI Layer 0 for NI-VISA) built in the LabWindows/CVI environment specifically for compatibility with both Microsoft Windows and LabVIEW Real-Time.
  • The AltaAPI-LV DLLs provide a unified NI support package across LabVIEW, LabVIEW–RT and LabWindows/CVI.
  • Dozens of Examples to Kick Start Development
  • Easily Import VIs to Veristand Applications

Fantastic LabVIEW, LabVIEW RT SDK. Dozens of Example VIs. Easily port 1553, 1553b and ARINC applications to Veristand and Test Bench.

AltaRTVal – Validation Tool for 1553 RTs According to SAE AS4111 5.2 Protocol Testing

  • Easy to Setup & Execute
    Nearly 100% Automated
  • Generates Test Verification Records
  • Detailed Failure Analysis
  • Online Reference to – MIL-HDBK-1553A
  • Requires Two-Channel – Full Function 1553 Card or TBOLT