Alta Data Technologies LLC is a company dedicated to providing the best possible avionics products and services in the Aerospace Industry. Over the past two decades, Alta senior engineers and managers have successfully followed this simple formula that focuses on the customer.

There are no EOL products to announce at this time.  All products are available.  15 Years Running!!

Please use the Contact links above or call 505-994-3111 x1 to see how we can help with your avionics project.

Provide the Best Possible Technical Sales

You should not need to call around to 3 different people to get a technical answer or wait days for a quote. We want to answer your questions on the first phone call or email – information should be accessible 24-hours on our website (and it should be easy to navigate). Our sales and service goals are to respond within 4-8 business hours.

Design the Most Technically Advanced Products and Build with the Best Possible Quality Processes

Design the product with the latest, portable technologies, rigorously test it (Alta is the only COTS supplier to test 1553 card designs to SAE AS4111 5.2 Protocol Tests – this is true for each release of Protocol Engine firmware), manufacture the product to the highest quality standards and proven ISO certified processes.  We back this up with our 5-year limited warranty – the best in the industry.

Provide the Best Possible Technical Support and Customer Service

Although we try to plan ahead and design our products to integrate easily, questions and issues come up. The key is to answer questions in a timely manner and to solve problems as quickly as possible. Our products will not be perfect, but it is how a company responds that makes a difference. You will talk with the lead engineers and managers to get any problems resolved immediately. We do not want a single unsatisfied customer.

Alta’s company focus is on the long-term, innovative development, and support of avionics products. This focus is rooted in our technical and application experience – and company stability – required by aerospace customers.  Sure we want to grow, but we will not sacrifice personal service or product quality for the sake of being a larger company.  We simply want to be the best at what we do, which is design, build, and service avionics and data acquisition COTS products. Innovation, Quality, and Service – this is not just a motto, but our standard operating procedure. Call us anytime and we will be glad to help with any aspect of your project.

Your success is our top priority!