Alta Data Technologies has introduced a quad channel MIL-STD-1553 card, PMC-1553, to its full line of avionics interfaces. The PMC-1553 is built around Alta’s advanced FPGA protocol engine, AltaCore(TM), and is designed to reduce CPU overhead of process & control of 1553 communications. New features for Bus Controller functions include variable framing and subframing, message scheduling with IMGs or frame offset and flexible message branching. The card supports full multiple Remote Terminal functions and chronological and mailbox (RT Map) monitoring. AltaCore also provides full hardware Playback (PB), and an industry first Signal Generator (SG) to allow detailed bit shaping for validation test support. All messages are time tagged with 64-bit, 20 nsec values and all gap times are highly accurate 100 nsec, 32/64-bit values. Models are available in Single Function BC-PB-SG/Monitor and mRT/Monitor, and Full Function BC-PB-SG/mRT/Monitor and each model supports multiple variable signal discretes.

The PMC-1553 is supported with the AltaView(TM) next generation Windows(TM) .NET GUI analyzer and AltaRTVal(TM), a full featured SAE AS4111/4112 Test Plan Validation Windows .NET software GUI product. The card is available in commercial and conduction cooled models (industrial grade components) and utilizes the industry’s latest FPGA & QDR Fast RAM for fast host access and reduced parts obsolescence worries. A comprehensive ANSI C, .NET 2.0 multi-layer API is provided to simplify integration. Pricing starts from $2850 for a single, single function channel model. Contact sales at 505-994-3111 x1 or

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