A new 1-4 channel MIL-STD-1553 PCI interface card that provides advance new features for communications (such as JTIDs, Link-16, SADL), test and simulation has been announced by Alta Data Technologies.

The interface card provides advanced new features for data transmission verification, signal capture (voltage measurement) protocol validation, data buffering and easy integration with a multi-layer ANSI-C/.Net/Labview application program interface.

New features such as transmission loop-back verification, A/D Signal Capture (to view and measure bus voltage), signal generator to generate complex test patterns for SAE AS4111/4112 protocol validation and multi BC, RT and Monitor buffering provide the most advanced 1553 protocol engine features available on the market.

When coupled with Alta’s advanced analyzer, AltaView, or the RT Protocol Validation Package, AltaRTVal, the PCI-1553 interface provides particularly good value for avionics applications, says the company.